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When disaster strikes . . .  where will you go? 

Pictures of Pope Housing Temporary Mobile Homes on clients' property.Losing your home to a natural catastrophe can be devastating. For over 35 years, Pope Housing has helped families - displaced by fire, flood or storm - quickly return to a normal living environment by placing a quality temporary mobile home or trailer right on their own property.



Affordable - Comfortable - Professional - Dependable

Our objective is to provide the highest quality temporary mobile homes or trailers with consistently reliable service, making every family feel safe, comfortable and at home.

In addition to providing temporary mobile housing to fire-loss and disaster victims, Pope Housing also provides housing to families building or renovating their homes and to commercial clients and municipalities during building renovations.

At Pope Housing, we are committed to excellence in serving you and your family. No one ever expects a catastrophe to occur. When disaster does strike, rely on Pope Housing.

Pope Housing serves all of New England and the Northeast (including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont) and parts of southeastern New York (excluding Long Island).


We have used the word "trailer" in our web site because this vernacular is a commonly understood word by everyone. Having said that however, our homes are far from the trailers of 20 years ago. When thinking about living in a Pope Housing temporary mobile home, please don't think you are living in a trailer, or a temporary trailer. Our mobile homes have shingled, pitched roofs; "Trailers" of the past had flat tin roofs. Our temporary mobile homes are vinyl sided, white in color with green shutters. A Trailer "of the past" often had vertical metal siding with no shutters and were not very appealing by our New England standards. A little history fact: Back in 1976 the federal government forced all manufacturers to follow the same building code for manufactured housing (Mobile Homes). The government forced manufacturers to hire 3rd party federal inspectors to oversee AND APPROVE each and every mobile home "BEFORE" it leaves the manufacturer's assembly line. So when you think of our product, don't think of it as a temporary trailer, but a manufactured home or temporary mobile home that is appealing on the outside as it is on the inside!




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